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Considering ClearCorrect in Fredericksburg, VA? Know More with These FAQs

Considering ClearCorrect in Fredericksburg, VA? Know More with These FAQs
BY Heresi Dental Care

For patients who have always wished to get straighter teeth, there are now various options that can be considered. The usual issues such as discomfort, inconvenience, and unpleasantry associated with the traditional orthodontic option have been lessened or even eliminated. As a result, getting straighter teeth for everyone is much easier and favorable.Although there are orthodontic options that still uses brackets and wires, these are now made from improved and discrete materials. For potential patients who want to ditch the use of these components, we at Heresi Dental Care have good news! We offer an inconspicuous, comfortable, and effective approach to teeth straightening in the form of ClearCorrect.


For those who are thinking of investing in the said orthodontic option, here is a list of the common questions most people have. We took the liberty of providing the answers to clear out queries and uncertainties.What exactly is ClearCorrect?It is a specific brand of clear aligners that use thermoplastic materials molded based on the impressions taken from each patient. The aligner trays are designed to fit snugly over the teeth to provide the necessary force needed for their movement. Patients are assured that the appliance is thin to provide better comfort yet durable to give favorable results.What are the things to expect during the orthodontic journey?

    • During the adjustment period, it is possible for the patient to lisp from time to time.
    • Discomfort may be experienced, especially after wearing new trays, but it is much bearable and can only last in a short amount of time.
    • Other people may ask if there is something on the teeth since they cannot pinpoint the difference themselves.
    • The teeth may feel weird, but that only means that the transition is successful.
    • Depending on the condition, buttons or engagers may be placed on the teeth. The purpose of their placement is to assist the aligner more in moving the teeth.

What are the usual instructions to follow?Dentists usually advise patients to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day to get the results they desire. Since it is easy to remove the trays, there are those who may take it out too much. Do know that it results in the delay and ineffectiveness of the orthodontic treatment. Since there is also no need for any professional adjustments, patients are instructed to replace the trays themselves following the correct schedule, set, and sequence for best results. Keeping both the teeth and appliance healthy is also essential during the treatment.For more inquiries about ClearCorrect in Fredericksburg, VA, feel free to contact us at Heresi Dental Care. You can visit us at 2501 Fall Hill Ave., Suite A, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

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