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Easy Ways to Clean Your Mouth Guard in Fredericksburg, VA

Easy Ways to Clean Your Mouth Guard in Fredericksburg, VA
BY Heresi Dental Care

In every sport that you are in, wearing a mouth guard is highly advised. The oral device is designed to protect the teeth against the possible injury when playing athletic games. At Heresi Dental Care, we recommend our patients to use the teeth protector every time they take part in contact sports like boxing, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, and more. And for quality mouth guards, our experts can customize such using only the best and most durable materials.

Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are indeed effective in keeping the teeth and other oral structures away from injury and damage. However, the oral device can as well put a risk to the overall oral health if proper care and handling are not observed. Bacteria that cause gum disease, dental caries, and cavities might reside in the mouth guard itself. To avoid this from happening, simply follow the measures below:

    • The moment the wearer take off the mouth guard, cleaning must always be done. When rinsing the appliance, see to it that cool water is used instead of warm to avoid warping. With the use of a small toothbrush and toothpaste, gently scrub the mouth guard. Finger, a Q-tip, and the corner of a towel may also be utilized as alternatives for a brush.
    • Once scrubbing and rinsing are finished, allow the mouth guard to dry. Avoid storing while it is still damp to prevent bacteria from gathering.
    • Aside from cleaning and scrubbing, soaking the teeth protector in a certain solution on a regular basis can maintain its freshness. The material used to create a mouth guard is guaranteed durable so trying different soaking solution is possible. You may explore options like a mixture of household bleach and water.
    • Secure the mouth guard in its case when not in use. Choose a firm, perforated container as this allows the air to circulate.

Note that no matter how long-lasting mouth guards are, they are still not exempted to wear and tear. Whenever you notice that your teeth protector becomes loose or if damages started to appear, ask the dentist for replacement.Protect your teeth while playing sports! Avail of our Dental Mouth Guards in Fredericksburg, VA. Book an appointment with us at Heresi Dental Care. You may visit us at 2501 Fall Hill Ave., Suite A, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

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