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Getting to Know More About Dental Sealants

Getting to Know More About Dental Sealants
BY Heresi Dental Care

Contrary to what most people think, dental health is just as important as the general wellness of a person. That said, patients need to take the necessary oral care actions to make sure that their teeth stay healthy and strong. For example, when it comes to cavities. If measures are not taken, it can cause a person to spend long hours at the dental office, lead to expensive bills, and even frustration because of children who don’t want to see the dentist.


Despite the practice of proper oral care at home and the assistance of a dentist during biannual visits, the teeth could still use extra help. And by extra help, we at Heresi Dental Care recommend patients to consider getting dental sealants to provide the teeth with additional protection.Why do I need sealants?This particular dental treatment works by protecting the areas of the teeth that are not easily accessible, like the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Since these portions lack proper care, they are more susceptible to cavities than the rest of the teeth. Aside from the back teeth (molars and premolars), any other teeth with pits and grooves can benefit from dental sealants.The good thing is, sealants not only stop cavities from forming in the first place, but it can also even stop an existing one from progressing further. By availing of the said treatment, bacteria can be prevented from causing more trouble for the teeth.Who should consider sealants and when to do so?Dental sealants are ideal for children, teenagers, and young adults. For the little ones, the best time to avail of the treatment is when their permanent molars come in. On the other hand, teenagers and young adults who have experienced cavities for a while are also ideal candidates to prevent their problems from worsening further.Although anyone at any age can avail of sealants, some cavities can no longer be saved by the procedure. That is why it is best for the dentist to determine the candidacy of the patient first. There are cases when different dental treatment is recommended for a patient to save their teeth from further damage.Reasons dental sealants may be good for you or your children

  • New permanent molars that need long-term protection
  • Prevents possible issues that can cost a lot in the long run
  • Dental sealants are more conservative and less painful than other dental procedures
  • Helps reduce the cases of patients who are more susceptible to cavities

Convinced to get Dental Sealants in Fredericksburg, VA for you and your child? Let us at Heresi Dental Care help keep your overall oral health in shape! Call or visit us at 112 Falcon Drive Fredericksburg, VA 22408 to get started.

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