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Healthy Treats for Halloween That Your Kids and Their Teeth Would Love in Fredericksburg, VA

Healthy Treats for Halloween That Your Kids and Their Teeth Would Love in Fredericksburg, VA
BY Heresi Dental Care

Fun, creative, and scary costumes are not just the things that keep children excited for Halloween. Aside from the interesting trick or treat activities, the sweet promises of candies make kids look forward to the event too! Did you know that there is an astounding amount of candies that were consumed during Halloween? According to an infographic source, there are over 7,000 calories worth of sweets that are eaten by kids on that particular season.

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Unfortunately, those sugars might put the oral health of children at risk. Too much consumption of sweet treats might lead to cavities and tooth decay. Nevertheless, you can still limit their sugar intake while allowing them to have fun on holiday. Follow these healthy recipes that we at Heresi Dental Care prepared.Homemade Choco barsChocolates, because of its sweet taste, are often viewed as unhealthy. However, according to Healthline, it is good for people to consume dark chocolate that has 70% of cocoa content in it. This type of chocolate is high in antioxidants and contains only a small portion of sugar. Instead of whipping milk chocs to your kids' biscuits, opt for homemade dark chocolate.Jack O’ Lantern Inspired SaladYou can actually trick your kids to eat their veggies with this healthy platter. The ingredients that you need to prepare are only a few. You need baby carrots, olives, pieces of celery, fresh broccoli, and cucumber. All these sorts of vegetables will help you re-create a pumpkin look! Cheesecakes in a JarMake your kids a cheesecake treat in three flavors - pistachio, pumpkin, and vanilla - without the baking hassles. Place it in a Mason jar for a fancier look. You may also try different options like sugar-free pudding, Greek yogurt, and fat-free milk. Nighttime CookiesFeed your kids’ craving with the traditional taste of freshly baked cookies. We recommend sprinkling it with chocolate chips or oatmeal raisins, however, if you want to indulge in new flavors, try a bacon pea cookie!This Halloween, protect your kids’ teeth by swapping out store-bought candies and treats into healthy homemade goodies. You might as well take them with us at Heresi Dental Care for Pediatric Dentistry appointment to ensure them a healthier mouth all year round!Your children also deserve outstanding dental care services! We provide Pediatric Dentistry Services in Fredericksburg, VA. Book your appointment with us at Heresi Dental Care and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!

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